Vanguard Ambassador

This year I joined the Vanguard ambassador program and i’m immensely proud to be part of another great team.

Why did i join?

I have been using vanguard bags since I started my daytime photography journey, I knew very little about them but just enjoyed their range of bags.

Over the years I had gone through a number of bags but the one that had lasted was my Vanguard adapter 48. This bag was my go to day tripper bag , just recently i have upgraded to the Alta sky 49 D. This bag is a serious bit of kit, it can hold a lot of equipment and it feel’s like your’e carrying no weight when the waist support straps are on.


After becoming a Kase UK partner I found out that Kase and Vangaurd work very close together and i was recommended to look at Vanguards ambassador program.

After some emails and a few portfolio shots sent over i was on the team!

Being an Ambassador

It is about being part of a team and helping it grow. Compared to the leading brands Vanguard is small, but what you get is customer focused care. The team at Vanguard are extremely helpful, and when you get this type of service and dedication it makes a huge difference.

Vanguard recently attended a joint demo day in North Wales with Kase filters uk where attendees got to sample products from both brands. I was there to help on the filter’s from Kase and Jason Vanguard was there to assist with all things Vanguard.

Demo day attendees

Being new to the team i haven’t had an opportunity to contribute much to the team but i am really looking forward to helping out in the near future.

If you need any help or advise on any products please feel free to get in touch.