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I’ve just spent a wonderful break in Somerset with my family where i was allocated one day to go out for some photography. As it turned out there was pretty wild weather forcasted for the Tuesday and after speaking to my good friend Adam on that Tuesday morning he said “if there is one place i need to shoot, it’s to Hartland Quay”

At this point it was already late into the morning approx 10AM so i decided i would gather my kit and pack for a wet afternoon then set off on the 2 hour drive to Hartland.

On arrival it was bright but with incoming cloud so i wrapped the Vanguard Alta 49D with its waterproof cover it comes with and set off to explore the area. On first sight i fell in love with this location it has huge seastack’s long rocky coastal outcrops and a pub close by !

I spent a good while walking around the coastal path but it was so windy and the intermittent rain was making taking any photos a chore. After a few hours i retreated back to the car and drove down to the lower tier car park which was closer to the pub !

With high tide due and rain i took shelter in the pub and waited for the tide to turn.

My friend Adam who i was talking to early in the morning was due to meet my for sunset but given the amount cloud about it was looking slim. I wasn’t to fussed as the clouds that where about looked great and combine that with the big swells i had a very nice pot of conditions.

As the tide started to go out and the rocky structures of Hartland Quay started to show i went about my normal routine of capturing the moment.

The swell was quite big and intimidating at times, you have to be focused at all times watching the pattern of the waves and timings.

When waves are this big safety is paramount so choosing to follow the tide out after high tide is the safest option.

The Dragons eye

Im lucky to be a user and UK champion for kase filters UK. When sea spray is blown onto the front of the filter its easily wiped clean due to their nano coatings.

It’s not often location and conditions meet so when they do you have to take full advantage and at time’s it might seem like you’ve lost you’re head in the moment but on reflection you will come away with some nice images.

I’m really pleased with this set of image and owe a huge thanks to my friend Adam. you can follow him here go check him out he shoots this spot a lot.