Rainy day photography

I like to think i embrace any type of photography, i have no set style no set method i just like to go out and shoot. Yesterday was no exception as i checked the tide heights for my favorite beach in North Wales, i gathered my equipment and set off.

Please note though in adverse weather and extremely high tides as it was yesterday you have to know your own limits and being equipped with the right clothing makes things more comfortable.

Timeless | Point of Ayr

As i was walking up the beach to explore an area i had not been before i turned around and noticed a mist from the fine drizzle which diffused the backdrop of the light house.

I’ve never had conditions like this here before so i stopped turned my back to rain and wind and took a few images.

A few moments later i saw this man and his child picking shells together in the rain and i thought it was such a lovely thing that he stayed on the beach in the rain so they could pick shells. I watched for a few minutes as they walked around and as they started to walk away this became one of those moment where you connect with the photograph.

At that moment it didn’t matter if i never got a chance to take the camera out the bag for the rest of the day i knew i had captured lovely moment in time.

After that lovely image, i spent the next few hours walking and battling wind and rain. My headphones no longer work due to the amount of water they absorbed.

I began questioning my sanity as i was alone on the beach, looking down at the water logged sand.

After what seemed like a one shot wonder day i came across a section of the beach that had been cut away by the tide creating an outflow. It’s stuff like this that may only appear after a rough tide and you have to make the most of it.

However it took a while for the rain to ease of enough to be able to capture anything but when it did, it was lovely and soft light.

I spent the next hour working this out flow creating detailed images of the waves and ripples flowing through at an surprisingly fast rate.

Even if i hadn’t got any images yesterday it was still nice just to be out in the elements. So next time you think urgh its raining cant go out, just grab your gear and head out because you never know when than moment of stillness will arrive.

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