28-9-19 Penmon Point

Would you like to see the Milky way as it stretches from one side of the sky to the other?

This session is bit different than other’s. As the Milky way core is starting to set below the horizon I turn my focus to the rich objects that are high in the night sky and require longer and more exposures to capture their beauty.

Limited to just one person so you get the full immersive experience.

North American Nebula

On this session you will get the use of a star tracker mount and hands on mentoring on how to set up a star tracker for deep sky work with you’re camera and lens.

What you will learn:

  • How to start setting up a tracker
  • How to look through a polar scope
  • How to find Polaris
  • How to find Polaris in transit
  • How to Polar align through a polar scope
  • How to balance your rig
  • How to pick a target
  • How to find you’re target
  • How to ETTR for maximum data
  • How to determine ISO for noise control
  • How to take dark frames
  • Help with stacking images and post production

Wider view of the Cygnus area

What you will need:

  • A camera that can shoot in “BULB”
  • Lenses with a manual focus option
  • A SD card 16gb or bigger
  • A intervalometer so we can set the image run time. press and hold ones are not ideal for this due to longer exposure’s needed.approx £8 £15 online.
  • A red head torch
  • Some warm clothes and a flask as it can get cold but don’t worry parking is close by.
  • No knowledge of the night sky is needed, i will guide you trough the night sky.

Thank you and i look forward to showing you some of the night sky wonders.

Deep Sky Astrophotography

A night shooting some of the beautiful objects in our galaxy. 28/9/2019


Not Included :
  • Insurance
  • Travel (unless agreed via email)
  • Guaranteed clear sky’s