12-10-19 Heswall

I am a lover of detail’s within the bigger picture. Pushing yourself to try new things will help develop you’re understanding of photography.

Why not join me on a abstract session where i will show you how to look and create pleasing abstracts that will look good on any wall.




Over the 4 hours i will cover:

  • Settings
  • How to use exposure times
  • Creating movement during the exposure
  • Using filters at the right time
  • Using a high aperture to your advantage
  • How to work with contrasting colours

The abstract session will last approximately 4 hours and limited to three people,with a short break for lunch at the restaurant close by if you wish(not inc ). There we can review your images, and assess what and where to improve for the 2nd half of the session.

I can supply tripods from Vanguard photo UK and filters from Kase filters UK if needed.

Location and details will be emailed after booking.

Thank you and i look forward to meeting you soon.

Abstract Session

Learn how to create abstracts.