Seek and thou shall find

Over the summer months when inspiration is low, I like to spend some time on google maps and google earth searching for less popular locations. What this does is, it allows me to build up a log and correspond to that with the weather forecasts and then choose which is the best place to visit.

Birches at dawn

So this location i have had pinned for a few months, and with some online research and a touch of local knowledge i decided it was time to pay a visit.

Online there is not many photographs of this location but from the few that where i thought it may be worth it.

What i didn’t expect was the sheer numbers of silver birch trees scattered about, which where amazing in the morning light as the light caught their leaves.

After a morning spent shooting this lovely location it was breakfast time. I love a good breakfast and i headed to the cafe Siabod on the A5, where i met Nick Livesey and a few mates for breakfast.

After breakfast we decided to head to a river and walk the up the edge of it to see if we could find anything new. A few snippets but i was really interested in the foliage in the fiver.

The past day it had rained a lot so the rivers where quite full and i took advantage of that. I could see swirling motions on the surface from the foam that had formed. “Foam is a natural phenomenon that occurs on many lakes and streams. Foam is produced when molecules such as fatty acids act as ‘surfactants’ interfering with the surface tension of water and allowing air and water to mix more easily. These molecules often float on the surface of the water as a thin film. “

The motion of the foam is what caught my eye at first, then the colours. To take this image it took a few goes as i broke down the scene to try and create the effect i wanted.

So my point is, if you dont challenge yourself you wont learn or progress by visiting the same spots with the same compositions.

To improve we must move forward, get away from the well shot locations. Venture out into the unknown and create not replicate .

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